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Thursday, February 12, 2015

ThrowbackThursday: CNY at Hotel Elizabeth.

It’s nearing Chinese New Year again, so to celebrate it here is my CNY 2014 experience (Oo! Waging wagi sa pagiging delayed haha!).

Last year, we had the chance to celebrate Chinese New Year at Baguio (nakiki-Chinese New Year LOL!). Weeks before the holiday, I had a listed down my preferred hotels. Well, I am not sure whether my criterion for hotel is hard or simply expensive (Though my bank account says it is the latter LOL). I really wanted to have that “authentic Baguio experience”, so I really searched for an accommodation that has pine trees in their area and was able to find those located on the northern side of Session Road. However, due to the fact that my sister advised a week only before Chinese New Year most of the hotels were either fully booked or could only accommodate for two people (We’re a small family though, but still a room for movement is a must!).

Thankfully, Hotel Elizabeth was able to provide a room for us (at a hefty price). See how Hotel Elizabeth fared at my hotel standard:
  • How much did I shell out? Since I was running out of options I accepted their Double Deluxe that is good for 2 pax at Php 4,256.00 (at the time of our booking). Additional pax is at Php 750. Over-all room bill is at Php 11,000.00 for a family of 4. I’d say I did pay for the pine trees haha.

Anyway, I just had to air out the frustration I had when I paid over-the-counter at the nearest bank. I was given until January 25 to have the room reserved for me. Naturally I paid it earlier to secure the room. Because I have paid already, I am expecting (because other hotels does this) to receive a confirmation that the room is secured for us. If I had not called them (talk about long distance calls!) they will not say that our reservation is final. In the end, there was no final e-mail confirmation about my payment. I am disappointed because I wanted to have a formal communication and not just a verbal okay signal from hotels. Dear Hotel Elizabeth kindly tweak a little the payment system you have.
  • Upon arrival, the room we got as facing the road. So there are only few pine trees (Okay, I’ll stop whining LOL). But I am happy because the bed is clean and fluffy! Marshmallow softness. The only con I observed is with the bathroom – leaking pipe and unpleasant lingering smell. But as long as my parents are happy with the room, I am satisfied already.
  • On our first night at the hotel, we ordered from their ala carte menu and I loved the baby back ribs! Tender to the last bite. Their buffet menu was not approved by my mother (Kunwari Master Chef haha). I have to agree; a limited selection on the buffet means it’s better to eat outside.

In the end, it is the ambiance that I’d return to though when we stayed there; minor road work hindered a smooth entry and exit to the hotel.

How about you guys? Where else have you been to in Baguio?

Our room :)
Fluffy bed!
TV area
The leaking bathroom.
The road and our view from the balcony.
Alam kong sa Baguio punta namin. Promise! Girl scout lang, prepared for anything haha! Not that cold during our stay.


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